to be sung by the summer, night on the water

Summer is here. Actually, summer doesn't *officially start until next Tuesday. Then the days will start getting shorter again. For the last couple of years, primarily because of Covid, I have come to appreciate the longer days more and more. The first time in my life I had ever experienced Seasonal Depression was in 2020. Going outside and getting out of my house and away from my phone gives me tremendous anxiety. Which is a shame because I live in such a beautiful face, I wish that I weren't so debilitated and could enjoy it more. Friday and Saturday were disgustingly hot (and humid to boot), but Saturday evening and Sunday cooled down to the "normal" summer weather around these parts.

to be sung by the summer, night on the water

to be sung by the summer, night on the water

to be sung by the summer, night on the water
The other side of the valley from us is so lush and green because that's where the fog settles in. The way that the fog envelopes the entire valley is really something spectacular. Otherworldly.

to be sung by the summer, night on the water
Trying to take more photos with the main/ back-facing camera so that I can at some point take headshots. This selfie was ruined by the fact that my cat decided she no longer wanted to be in it. Also, ignore all the  camping stuff on the chair. It's not mine. I am also not thrilled about it.

Beatrice instead decided to flop all over the freshly vacuumed floor, getting her hair everywhere, and scratching up an incredibly expensive $250 SPECIALTY RUG, because as one does, I suppose.
to be sung by the summer, night on the water

Yesterday, I finally made myself go for a walk. After being in isolation for a couple of weeks (because someone in my sphere had Covid, even if I did not, I still isolated as to not spread it), it was certainly A Lot to finally get myself to go out there for a walk. I still had a lot of anxiety around it.

I didn't want to go in just yet when I got back from, so I walked about in my backyard capturing sights in Golden Hour. I really do have a rather large yard I never utilize anymore. I guess because I am no longer a child and don't "play" outside anymore.



I am gonna tell my kids this was Splash Mountain. I love how things can seemingly be "dead," but Mother Earth says, "just you wait!"

Seriously, I had no idea that we even had this tree! I don't know what kind of tree it is, but it's very beautiful. I feel like this whole section of the yard could be utilized for some real fun.

I am anxious about the Solstice because I have hardly been able to appreciate and utilize the long days. I don't want the long days to go away. I am going to try to make it a point for the rest of the week to enjoy sometime sitting outside every day and enjoying the sunsets (if the fog doesn't eat them all).

I am trying. But it's very hard.


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